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Do You Know A Neighbor, Colleague, Friend or Family Member,
Who Could Benefit From Our Services ?

The Customer Referral Reward Program

As you may know, marketing and advertising costs are a fortune today, especially in a one newspaper town.

We’ve analyzed our numbers, and discovered that the average expense to obtain a new client has increased significantly over the past couple of years. Even though we realize that it’s a “cost of doing business” in today’s competitive environment, our goal is to save money and reinvest those savings into customer benefits and services.

Accordingly, we have instituted a REFERRAL REWARD PROGRAM. It works as follows. For every referral you send us that becomes a customer, you will receive your choice of one of the following:

  • Dinner Certificate to a restaurant of your choice for $ 50.00*
  • Donation to your favorite charity, in your name, for $ 50.00*

We hope you will keep us in mind not solely for the rewards, but because you feel that we have really helped you, or someone you care about. Of course, if the reward helps you remember, that’s OK too ! A referral form is at the bottom of this sheet to help you send information about each referral we will need to follow-up.

* Certain terms and conditions apply.

Thank you for your continued trust, confidence and past support.

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