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Cleaning Aluminum

The beauty of aluminum products by Olson is in their ease of maintenance.  Pollutant films caused by auto or local industry emissions can cause an acid type build-up on baked enamel painted surfaces.

This can usually be removed with periodic cleaning with household dish soap.  Mix a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with warm water and apply liberally to all exposed surfaces.  Rinse with clean water.  DO NOT USE ABRASIVE OR SOLVENT TYPE MATERIALS OR PAINT REMOVERS / THINNERS.  THESE MATERIALS CAN SOFTEN, DULL OR REMOVE THE BAKED ON ENAMEL FINISH!


To remove mildew

Black spots on the surface of your aluminum products may be caused by mildew.  Watch carefully for rain protected areas such as the underside of your awning or roof.  To eliminate mildew, purchase a product specifically designed for removal of mildew stains on painted surfaces.


Protecting the finish

A quality automotive wax can be applied to help preserve the factory finish on your aluminum products.  Clean and dry surface and apply as per manufacture’s directions.  Just as the finish on your automobile requires protection, your painted aluminum products will benefit from the same.


Use caution around sharp edges!

Be careful when cleaning any aluminum product, as there may be sharp edges and corners which could cause harm.  The use of protective gloves when cleaning aluminum products is recommended.

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