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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of awnings?
Awnings have proven to be a decorative addition to any home or business. Along with the beauty of an awning, they also provide much more than that.  Awnings conserve energy by shading windows and reducing indoor temperature.  Independent testing has shown that awnings can block up to 77% of the suns heat and harmful UV rays.

Can awnings save me money?
Yes!  Independent  testing has shown that awnings can reduce a room's temperature by 8 to 15 degrees (F), thus lowering your cooling bills in the summer, as well as keeping you more comfortable.
Also, the comfort of shade our awnings provide will protect interior drapes and furnishings from undue fading caused by direct sunlight.

How much do awnings cost?
While each awning is different and all are custom built to your exact specifications... Olson Awnings are a cost-effective addition to any home or business. Naturally, the cost of an awning depends on the style, size, and type of installation, but to give you an idea, a standard Aluminum Door Canopy is approximately $400 installed.

Do you offer direct sales for the do-it yourselfer?
Yes!  Not only do we offer do-it-yourselfer awnings and accessories, the professional installation advise is FREE!

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