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Aluminum awnings, professionally installed by Olson Awning over your windows, doors, and patios shield your home from the direct rays of the sun, keeping it cooler in summer and protecting it from rain, snow and wind. Aluminum awnings are precision fabricated with low-maintenance materials. They are a solid investment you will appreciate for many years. They come in a variety of colors, so you may select aluminum awnings that add an exciting dimension to your home’s décor


  • Aluminum awnings on your windows keep your home cooler
  • Aluminum awnings over your doors protect you and your visitors from the elements and keep your entryway dry
  • Aluminum awnings for your business lend a distinctive appearance, and can be painted with your commercial logo, business name and street address for easy recognition!
  • Available in more colors than the rainbow, you custom design your own awning. You can add gutters for addition control over the elements.

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